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Winery Partner Testimonials

Whenever I get guests who come into our winery directly through Jamie at Priority Wine Pass, I’m always pleased at how interested they are in wine. Be it that this is their 1st time to the valley or their 20th, they want to know all about our wine. And I’m not talking about just the drinking aspect of wine tasting either. These guests are curious and want to be educated; a rarity in this industry. They love when we go in-depth about our winemaking process, our vineyard terroir, the story of Anthony Bell and Clone 6, as well as the explanation of what Clones are…or, as I like to call it, when we “get our wine-geek on.” They’ve always been either respectful or fun, and frequently are both! Rarely have I had Priority Wine Guests not purchase wine, or not leave a tip as a thank you for taking care of them. More often than not they purchase at least half a case of their favorites! They always leave with smiles on their faces and a little more wine knowledge in their noggins, looking to pass on their wonderful experience to their fellow wine lovers. It’s always a refreshing experience when I host Jamie’s guests and I’m sure it will be the same for you and your tasting room. Cheers!!– St. Francis Winery

Priority Wine Pass has been an invaluable partner in helping us drive qualified traffic to our Sonoma Valley Tasting Room.– M4 Tasting Room!

We’ve had a couple people drop in already! One even joined the wine club! Let me know what you need from me.– Andretti Winery

We have worked with Priority Wine Pass for more than a year now and have had a great experience with it and Jamie. – Dutch Henry Winery

BTW, had our first pass holder today! I couldn’t believe it. So quick. They bought $100 worth of wine.
Thank you!– Canihan Winery

We absolutely love Priority Wine Pass and their creative offerings, and our exclusive deal with PWP is the most savings that we offer anywhere.– Miner Family Winery


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