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It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting Napa Valley for the first or hundredth time, the Napa Valley Wine Train is always an unforgettable experience. It was purchased a few years back and since then things have really gone from good to amazing! They have added several new train cars, more than a half dozen experiences, and they’ve completely revamped their menu. Imagine riding Napa in style while pleasing your taste buds and palette. The only problem you’ll have now is figuring out which is the best experience to purchase.

The best way to start is by determining your budget. A wine train with tastings will easily cost $300+ per person.  Well worth it for a special event, but not everyone can afford that price tag. (All shameless plugs aside) Priority Wine Pass is actually very popular for those on the Napa Wine Train. That’s because a membership can get you a discount of $25-$35 off per person (for up to 4 people). Yes, the discount varies depending on which experience you book, but we invite you to do some googling. This really is one of the best deals around (plus you get all the other perks of being a member). The most affordable option to book is the Gourmet Express and if you book the night train you can wine taste all day and check in for dinner at 5:30 pm. The food is awesome, you get the wine train ambiance, and the price is well worth it.

You can also book the Gourmet Express for lunch, but we only recommend this if you have multiple days to enjoy Napa. Reason being, check-in is at 10:30 am and you don’t finish up till 2:30 pm. So if you book this trip, even though you’ll be able to see the beautiful valley, you won’t have time to actually visit any wineries (Which kinda defeats the entire reason for coming to Napa). 

If budget isn’t an issue I would consider the Quatro Train experience of either the 6-hour Estate tour or 6-hour Collective tour. A higher price tag, but well worth it. Also, our Priority Wine Pass will also get you $35 off per person (for up to 4 people) on this as well. The reason I like this train is that you have the opportunity to see the vineyards and the valley as well experience tasting at wineries. On top of this, you’ll enjoy a multiple course meal throughout the day. And who doesn’t like the sound of that!

Napa has so much to offer and the Napa Valley Wine Train is something I would highly recommend if you’ll be doing a day trip up from the bay area or if you’re in town visiting for several days. Its comfortable with great food, lovely ambiance, and an overall nice experience.

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