Best Wine Cave Tours in Sonoma

One of the “Must Do” experiences of wine tasting is venturing into a wine cave. There is a wonderful musty smell and an ambiance you don’t see anywhere else. The cool temperatures in a cave are a shock to the system and it is a great escape from the summer heat!  Unfortunately there aren’t many caves that are open to the public. In Sonoma in particular getting an inside peek into a cave could set you back some serious cash. Well don’t worry, we’ve searched the region and done the grunt work for you. We’re confident that these are some of the best wine cave tours in Sonoma.

Great Service & Complimentary Wine Cave Tours at Alexander Valley

As we mentioned coordinating a cave tour can get pricey. Schug, Gun. Bun., Benzinger, Gloria Ferrer, as well as a handful of others charge big bucks for these kind of experiences. That’s what makes Alexander Valley Vineyard so extraordinary. They offer complimentary tours at 11am and 2pm every day for parties under 10 people. Not only do they serve incredible wines, but the staff goes over-the-top welcoming you into their wine caves and explaining their process. You’ll be equally pleased with their tasting room that lies right outside the caves as well. This makes it a no brainer if you are in the area.

Dive deep into Deerfield Ranch Winery

Priority Wine Pass’ favorite wine cave experience is at Kenwood’s Deerfield Ranch Winery. We like this spot because it is family run and down to earth. The staff is genuine and friendly and knowledgeable. This experience begins by walking through their production area and crush platform. It is a delight to experience during harvest as you’re in the thick of it. Continue the tour through some 15ft tall redwood doors into the mouth of the cave. As you enter you will pass rows and rows of barrels.  Of course, you’ll get a nice gust of that cave must that I love and spoke of earlier.

Best Wine Cave Tours Sonoma

Some smells can’t be beat. You are now in the center of the cave, where plush sofas, assorted tables, and of course a wine bar welcomes you. Grab your comfy seat, park, and let the wine start flowing. A standard cave tours is where you do a tour and then taste elsewhere. Deerfield Ranch gives you the option of exploring the cave on your own. At the same time you’re actually tasting inside inside the cave. It is a cozy and enchanting atmosphere. Then you can buy a bottle and walk outside to their picnic tables. Or you may bring a blanket and enjoy a casual picnic lunch in the warm Sonoma sun.

Speaking of wine, Deerfield Ranch has something special to offer everyone. Whites, reds, blends, and you can even make your own wine with your very own label if you’d like to do so! The wines they make are also ideal for those with sulfite sensitivities. The owner’s wife is allergic to sulfites so the majority of their wines are have a limited level of them. This allows those that are allergic to enjoy without the negative side effects. This is another perk. If you are in Sonoma this is a must visit! There are so many reasons, great hospitality, well made wines, the cave, and tastings only cost $20! For this area, Deerfield Ranch Winery cannot be beat.

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