Virtual Beer Tasting is in Demand

There has been big increase in demand for Virtual Beer Tasting. Virtual tasting experiences are still in high demand and they are not limited to wine.  There are a whole host of new ways to hang out on Zoom and drink with friends.  For the record, I’m a wine guy, but I love beer too. … Read more

Virtual Tasting Kit – What to Expect

Opolo wine tasting kit

Virtual tasting kit is a new term.  Often when there is a dramatic disruption in society there are adaptations that happen to adjust to the new normal.  Along with those adaptations come changes in nomenclature, hence the rise of the Virtual Wine Tasting Kit.  This refers to what exactly comes in the box that you … Read more

Virtual Wine Tasting Canada

Virtual Wine Tasting Canada, Tender Hope Winery Okanagan

Canada has similar options to the US for a virtual wine tasting. However, alcohol is more heavily regulated in Canada than the US.  You can only ship full bottles of wine for a virtual wine tasting in Canada.  There are no small bottle options. If you are planing a virtual wine tasting with a Canadian … Read more

What is a virtual wine tasting?

You and your friends can share a virtual tasting experience

We still get a lot of people asking us what is a virtual wine tasting. It is still quite a new phenomenon that’s really taken off in the wake of COVID-19 with many wineries being closed. That said, we wanted to cover some of the basics of what a virtual tasting is and explain what … Read more

List of Sonoma wineries open now!

Published: 5/26/2020 Some Sonoma County wineries open as the county enters phase 2 of losening its lockdown restrictions. It is important to stress that these are partial reopenings and only include approved establishments with food wine pairings. Wineries also have agreed to limited capaicty and heightened sanitary safeguards, among other things. Things change on a … Read more

Virtual Wine Tasting gift for mom

THE PERFECT MOTHER’S DAY GIFT Virtual Wine Tasting Mother’s Day Gift Order by May 3 (West coast) or April 30 (East coast) to get your package in time for Mother’s Day Treat your mom with a virtual escape to wine country. Take this special occasion to share a virtual wine tasting with her. You set … Read more


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