Best online wine tasting resources

With everyone staying indoors because of COVID-19 we wanted to review what we consider some of the best online wine tasting resources. If you’re a wine-lover now is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your tasting skills. We’ve covered everything from Virtual Wine Tastings to online resources to jumpstart your wine knowledge. Priority Wine … Read more

The best virtual wine tasting experience

The best virtual wine tasting experience

We are excited to say that Virtual Wine tasting is now a thing! Even though it’s a result of awful circumstances, it’s great to be part of this progression within the industry. Both wineries and customers are adapting and realizing that technology does in fact have its place in the tasting room. However after looking … Read more

Coronavirus: staying healthy while wine tasting

Posted: (3/12/20) Wine tasting during the Coronavirus craze The weather has been great and the crowds have been noticeably low all through wine country. Many have been canceling their wine tasting trips which is making for quite tranquil experiences for those who carry on. Hotels and businesses also appear to be rolling out lowered rates … Read more

How much does it cost to wine taste in Napa?

group wine tasting

Let’s face it, Prices are high Napa is a world-renowned wine region with an estimated 4 million visitors each year. With that traffic comes high demand and equally high prices. So if you’re planning a trip to Napa and are budget conscious, it’s worth it to do some homework so you won’t be dollar shocked … Read more


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