Craft Whiskey Virtual Tasting: Rod & Hammer’s SLO Stills

Each of their handcrafted spirits are Cut With The Pacific, to capture the soul and essence of the waters that united us.

Craft Whiskey Virtual Tasting


Shipping in CA only

Includes 3 (100 ml) tasters, the virtual tasting, & shipping

Once you submit the form someone from our team will be in contact with you regarding the virtual tasting and answer any questions you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guys provide group prices?

All of our prices are listed as special group rates per shipment. This means you're already guaranteed a competitive rate with the prices listed.

I have non-drinkers in my group do you have options for them?

Yes! We can curate custom food packages to match the price of your other tasting shipments.

What sets your Virtual Tastings apart from all the rest?

We've vetted all of our partners to make sure you are getting the best virtual tasting experience.

How long do your Virtual Tastings last?

The virtual tasting will last about an hour. This depends on the group, their questions, and interaction. If there is a strict time frame that is needed that's something we can coordinate beforehand. We also leave our virtual tasting link open after the tasting is done so that attendees can continue with a virtual happy hour type setting once the tasting is over.

Am I able to customize my shipment?

Yes! We are all about accommodating your needs. If you would like to add a custom print material, promo items, food pairings, or anythings else, just let us know. Most items can be added free of charge if you're able to ship it directly to the winery. Otherwise we're happy to help source additional items for you.

What platform do you use to host your virtual tastings?

We use Zoom for all our tastings. If you are at an organization that prefers a different platform you're more than welcome to set up a meeting link that our virtual tasting hosts can jump on.

How does billing work?

Participants can be billed individually or it can be processed as one full invoice. It's up to you. All payments are made directly with the wineries.

How does shipping work?

You will need to provide a list of all the shipping addresses for us to send the shipments. If you would like help with this we can put together a google form and send it to your participants on your behalf.

What is the recommended lead time for a virtual tasting?

For east coast shipments we like to allow 14 days and west coast shipments 10 days from the day payment is confirmed. If you need something quicker we can arrange for expedited shipping or recommend other options that might be available.



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