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In order to redeem please have your coupon code or voucher ready and follow the directions found here.

Please follow the steps listed on the redeem a voucher page. After entering the name you would like on the first pass, you can return to the same page to enter the name for the second one. After doing this you can continue through checkout with both passes in your cart.

Please check that you are logging in with the same email as you placed the order with. The wine pass will display on the email account that was used during checkout. If you are not able to resolve please let us know in the form above with your order number or email and we’ll try and sort things out for you right away.

Your Priority Wine Pass is good a year (365 days) from your purchase date. Within that time you can use it as many times as you like.

2 for 1 means you buy one tasting and get the second free or in other words 50% off a tasting for 2. So as we mentioned you can get away with 1 pass per couple to redeem the 2 for 1 deals. These wine tasting deals vary from winery to winery so it is always best to check out website or app prior to your trip. Also if you are tasting by yourself you can redeem this offer as 50% off a single tasting.

If you are unable to log in please follow the steps to reset your password here. If you experience issues clicking through from the email try copying and pasting the link URL directly into your browser. If you continue to have trouble please reach out to us using the form above.

First please check that you are entering the coupon code correctly. Coupon codes are not case sensitive, but make sure that you are not confusing L with I or a zero with an O. Second, make sure the product you have in your cart corresponds to the coupon code you are using. If you are redeeming a voucher or gift card you will want to check out from this page. If you are still having issues please contact us using the form above and share the coupon code you are using.

Please check your email for the original wine pass that was attached to your order as a pdf. If you are unable to locate that you may log into your account area. Click Orders>View>Download Wine Pass

We are a small business with a small team. In order to cut costs and to pass those savings onto our customers we do not list a phone number on our website. This just makes it easier for us to track things and to make sure everyone is taken care of. If you need to get a hold of us please use the form above. If you like we can coordinate a call with you once we’ve recieved your initial email. With all concerns we make it our priority to respond as quickly as possible.

If you plan to go tasting in Monterey, the Sierras, and/or Oregon we like to recommend one wine pass for each person in your party. That’s because many wineries in these regions will offer a complimentary tasting for each person with a pass. In all of our other regions we typically recommend one pass per couple (and one more if there is an odd man out). More details can be found on our FAQ page.

See all our questions/answers on our FAQ page

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