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Since our wine passes are a digital product that are issued at the time of purchase we rarely offer refunds. This is outlined in our refund policy.

Yes! We are happy to fully refund your digital wine pass renewal within 30 days of payment. However, If you ordered a physical wine pass we cannot refund it if it has already been sent to print. Please reach out to us at with your purchase email and/or order number so that we can process the refund.

We are a small business and try our best to accommodate for unexpected mishaps within reason. For pandemic related cancellations we are extending the expiration dates on wine passes by 3 months. In any case, please make sure you have your order and/or wine pass numbers available when contacting us using the form below to receive your extension.

In order to redeem please have your coupon code or voucher ready and follow the directions found here. If your code is not working, please share the code and where you received it when filling out the form below.

Please follow the steps listed on the redeem a voucher page. After entering the name you would like on the first pass, you can return to the same page to enter the name for the second one. After doing this you can continue through checkout with both passes in your cart.

Please check that you are logging in with the same email as you placed the order with. The wine pass will display on the email account that was used during checkout. If you are not able to resolve please let us know in the form below with your order or wine pass number and we’ll try and sort things out for you right away.

Please check your email for the original wine pass that was attached to your order as a pdf. If you are unable to locate that you may log into your account area. Click Orders>View>Download Wine Pass. Otherwise, please let us know the email that you used during checkout and reach out to us using the form below.

We are a small business with a small team. In order to cut costs and to pass those savings onto our customers we do not list a phone number on our website. This just makes it easier for us to track things and to make sure everyone is taken care of. If you need to get a hold of us please use the form below. If you like we can coordinate a call with you once we’ve recieved your initial email. With all concerns we make it our priority to respond as quickly as possible.

If you are unable to log in please follow the steps to reset your password here. If you experience issues clicking through from the email try copying and pasting the link URL directly into your browser or clearing your cache and trying again. If you continue to have trouble please reach out to us using the form below.

First please check that you are entering the coupon code correctly. Coupon codes are not case sensitive, but make sure that you are not confusing L with I or a zero with an O. Second, make sure the product you have in your cart corresponds to the coupon code you are using. If you are redeeming a voucher or gift card you will want to check out from this page. If you are still having issues please contact us using the form below and share the coupon code you are using.

During checkout we give people the opportunity to automatically renew at a discounted rate. If you opted in for Auto Renew the payment method used during checkout will be automatically billed and you will be sent a new wine pass when your current one expires. If you opted out, you will be asked to manually renew when your current wine pass expires.

You will need to log into your account and visit the subscriptions tab. Click the “View” button on the corresponding order and look for a switch next to “Auto renew”. If the switch is to the left and light gray, that means you will only be charged when you manually approve a payment or log into your account and click the “Renew now” button. If the switch is to the right and is black that means you will automatically be charged via the method listed next to “Payment”. To make any updates you can adjust using the buttons in the “Actions” row.

Following the directions found under “How do I check my Auto Renew subscriptions status?” to get to your subscription, make sure the switch next to “Auto Renew” is showing up light gray and to the left.

Following the directions under “How do I check my Auto Renew status?” to get to your subscription and look for the “Cancel” button in the “Actions “ section (but please see next question).

Cancelling your subscription (instead of disabling Auto renew) means that you lose the ability to redeem your discounted rate in the future if you ever do plan on buying a wine pass again. If you switch off “Auto renew” instead you can keep your discount available in case you ever choose to renew again. To redeem your discount in the future all you need to do is log into your account and click the “Renew now” button in the “Actions” row.

If you plan to go tasting in Monterey, the Sierras, and/or Oregon we like to recommend one wine pass for each person in your party. That’s because many wineries in these regions will offer a complimentary tasting for each person with a pass. In all of our other regions we typically recommend one pass per couple (and one more if there is an odd man out). More details can be found on our FAQ page.

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