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Exciting news! We’re thrilled to share a Family Winemakers of California Coupon Code with all of our members. Family Winemakers of California has partnered with Priority Wine Pass to bring you an irresistible deal – 2-for-1 Event Admission to all of our 2024 Signature Tasting Events, starting with our first event at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (Bing Crosby Hall) in Del Mar, California!

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As dedicated members of Priority Wine Pass, you already know about the perks that come with our membership – enjoying exclusive offers and discounts at premier wineries, wine bars, hotels, restaurants, and more across the top wine regions of the West Coast.

Family Winemakers of California Joins the Celebration!

Now, your Priority Wine Pass membership opens doors to even more exceptional experiences. Enjoy 2-for-1 Event Admission to Family Winemakers of California’s 2024 Signature Tasting Events. It’s an incredible opportunity to indulge in the finest wines and discover the unique flavors crafted by passionate winemakers.

Exclusive Membership Offer

If you’re not already a Priority Wine Pass member, now is the perfect time to join! You can grab an annual membership for just $49, instead of the regular $69. Email us at to get the Family Wine Makers of California coupon. This means an entire year of exclusive wine-tasting experiences and savings.

How to Claim Your Family Winemakers of California Coupon Code

Ready to savor the best wines California has to offer? Simply email us at or check your order email for the exclusive discount code. Your gateway to unparalleled wine-tasting adventures at the Del Mar Fairgrounds is just a click away.

Banner for the Family Winemakers of California Tasting Showcase at the Fairgrounds in Del Mar, California

Get 2 for 1 admissions on FWC’s first event of 2024

This year’s Family Winemakers of California Tasting Showcase unfolds within the Bing Cosby Hall at the Fairgrounds in Del Mar California. The diverse lineup includes notable participants such as The Wine Guy & The Wine Gal, Doffo Winery, Intent Wines, and many more. They’ve arranged 2 food trucks near the North East Entrance for convenience. They’re also offering a delightful array of cheeses, chocolates, canned wine cocktails, and more. This year’s focus is on crafting a unique event where a classic tasting format meets a modern cultural affair.

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