Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

PLEASE NOTE: These questions pertain to our Wine Passes. Click here to see FAQ about our virtual wine tasting service

I purchased a wine pass and the Coronavirus ruined my plans. What are my options?

We are trying our best to accomodate any customers whose travel plans were impacted by COVID-19 closures. We will happily extend your expiration date by 3 months upon request. Please email and provide the email address you used during checkout and/or your order number and we will be happy to take care of it for you.

How many passes do I need? Do I need a pass for everyone I am tasting with?

If you plan to go tasting in Monterey, the Sierras, and/or Oregon we like to recommend one wine pass for each person in your party. That’s because many wineries in these regions will offer a complimentary tasting for each person with a pass. In all of our other regions we typically recommend one pass per couple. So to answer this question truthfully, it really depends where you’re planning to use it. We encourage you to check out wineries that offer free wine tasting deals and see if these will make up the majority of your visits since that’s usually the deciding factor for our members. The only exception to this rule is that we recommend large wine tasting groups (10+ ppl) get in touch with us before purchasing a wine pass. Also see further below for recommendations on uneven groups.

How do the 2 for 1 tastings work? Can couples share a pass?

2 for 1 means you buy one tasting and get the second free or in other words 50% off a tasting for 2. So as we mentioned you can get away with 1 pass per couple to redeem the 2 for 1 deals. These wine tasting deals vary from winery to winery so it is always best to check out website or app prior to your trip. Also if you are tasting by yourself you can redeem this offer as 50% off a single tasting.

If we are a party of 3, how many passes should we purchase? How many passes are recommended for uneven groups?

If you plan to go tasting in Monterey, the Sierras, and/or Oregon every visitor should get their own pass. For all other regions we recommend buying 1 pass for every 2 people plus 1 more additional pass for the odd person out. For example: in a 3 person group you should buy 2 wine passes. This is because the 2 for 1 wine tasting deals are only applicable for up to 2 people (The pass holder and 1 guest). If the third person has their own pass they will then receive 50% off their tasting fee. Additionally in the case of the 3 person/2 pass scenario (and on case by case basis) our partners will sometimes comp 2 of the 3 tastings. We encourage that you confirm with the winery beforehand— which is always the case when you are tasting in groups. Remember large wine tasting groups (10+ ppl) should get in touch with us before purchasing a wine pass.

I purchased somewhere else. How do I “sign up” to redeem my Priority Wine Pass?

Long story short- go through the process of buying a pass and enter your Pass Number as a coupon on the cart page.

Further details: Go to the Redeem a wine pass page and select the type of pass you would like. After you have entered the name that you want to appear on the pass, click “Continue” to add it to your cart. On the cart page you will then need to enter the “Pass Number” or “Voucher Code” into the coupon code section. Once you enter the code hit “Apply Coupon” to activate it.

What exactly is Priority Wine Pass?

Priority Wine Pass will not only help you discover world-class wineries, but will also help you slash ever growing wine tasting costs on your trip. We’ve been around since 2012 and are the largest tasting program of our kind. What also sets us apart from other wine passport programs is that we’re the only program that offers a full time concierge. Once you buy a wine pass our concierge can help you find the best wineries based off your wine preference and budget. So you get 400+ deals at wineries, tasting rooms, hotels, restaurants , transportation companies as well as local knowledge.

How and when can I use my Priority Wine Pass?

As soon as you purchase you will receive a Priority Wine Pass as a PDF that you can print or show on your phone at our winery partners. You can also load it into our iOS or Android App. The pass can be used the same day of purchased. If you opt in for a physical Priority Wine Pass by mail it will take 2-3 weeks to arrive and can be used immediately. While many wineries accept walk-ins it’s always best to check our website to see if reservations are needed. To make a reservation you can contact the winery directly and let them know that you are a Priority Wine Pass customer while doing so.

Do all wineries accept the wine pass?

No, but enough do to keep you busy for weeks! Have a look at our list view of wineries or browse by region here. You should pick maybe 4 to 5 per day and try to stick to one area if you are tasting multiple days to avoid too much driving.

How many times will my Priority Wine Pass be honored?

Your Priority Wine Pass will be honored as many times as you choose throughout the year. That said, we do ask that our customers do not abuse this by visiting the same winery multiple times per day. Also, we encourage you to check our website prior to visiting for hours and deal specific information.

Can other people use my Priority Wine Pass?

Unfortunately, no. The Priority Wine Pass is only valid for the individual whose name appears on the pass. It cannot be lent to anybody else. In the case of any 2 for 1 deals these apply to the pass holder plus 1 guest.

How do I know where my Priority Wine Pass will be honored?

You can search participating wineries via our website and/or our iOS or Android apps.

What are the complete rules of usage associated with my Priority Wine Pass?

It’s simple. Pick a winery that is part of the program that you would like to explore, show your exclusive Priority Wine Pass to receive special offers or discounts on wine purchases.

I’ve lost my card what is the replacement policy?

Please contact our customer service representatives and they will have a new card shipped to you. There is a small fee of $5.00 to replace.

How do I transfer my wine pass to another account?

Please reach out directly to if you would like to transfer your pass.

Do you have a mobile application for my smartphone?

Yes! We currently have an app for both IOS and Android

My wine pass is not showing up in the app what do I do?

Please reach out directly to with your order number. Please see this page for additional help.

What are my responsibilities as a Priority Wine Pass holder?

We ask that you to treat the wineries with respect and inform us of any negative or positive treatment by the wineries so we can share your feedback with them.

Do you offer refunds on the Priority Wine Pass?

We typically do not process refunds, but will consider on a case by case basis. Our main goal is to please our customers and we try to make our business a win/win situation for everyone. Please reach out to us at

Where do I find fun facts about Napa & Sonoma?

Visit two of our favorite sites: and
Questions? Please contact us at will be happy to assist you.

Is there something that we missed?

Please contact us at will be happy to assist you.

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