Free Wine Tasting Deals

Let’s face it, FREE wine tasting deals are getting harder and harder to come by. Online coupons sites and gimmicky apps always come with silly hoops that you need to jump through to redeem them. On top of that, most wineries look down upon them or are phasing them out. Priority Wine Pass on the other hand gets you access to the largest network of FREE wine tasting deals*. You can unlock one complimentary tasting (per Wine Pass) at each and every one of the wineries listed below. The best part is that these are top name wineries in the best wine regions. Our program also works hand in hand with our customers to make sure they visit places that fit their needs. That means wineries are even more welcoming and ready to elevate your experience. Be sure to check back regularly as we are constantly adding new wineries to this list and updating our offers! *Please note some wineries have limitations as to the # of wine passes they allow at one time. Please contact them to confirm.

Napa Valley




Southern California (Temecula / Ramona / San Diego)

Central Coast (Paso/Santa Barbara)

Monterey County

Sierras / Foothills

Bay Area/Livermore

Lodi Area


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