How to get more traffic to your winery tasting room

Not only do we know how to get more traffic to your winery tasting room, but we know how to find you the right traffic. We do this by identifying your key points of differentiation and recommending you to customers that fit your demographic. This method ensures that you see happy vistors who spend more and are more likely to join your wine club. Learn how over 400+ wineries are already enjoying the benefits of joining the Priority Wine Pass program.

Who we are:

Priority Wine Pass is the largest west coast wine tasting program with partners in California, Oregon, and Washington. We are a privately owned Napa Valley based business that has been around since 2012. With so many tasting rooms out there to choose from our goal is to simplfy the selection process for our customers. We also strive to support local wine tourism by ensuring the perfect match between winery and target customers.

How do we deliver targeted traffic?

We’ve built a long lasting relationship with our members by focusing on service and personalization. Our hallmark are our customized wine tasting itineraries based on over 10 layers of compatibility. This includes wine preference, price range, group size, tasting atmosphere, and much more. We’re then able to connect customers with our partner wineries that we know they’ll love. The final piece of the puzzle includes organizing and extending exclusive offers that are not available to the general public. This is the “cherry on top” that encourages customers to visit, makes them feel special, and leads to them spending more.

What are your requirements? 

There is no charge to get listed on our website and upon signing up we can send an email to members, as well as feature your winery on our social media platforms. Our main requirement is that we ask that you extend an exclusive offer to our members. You get to choose the offer and you’re allowed to adjust it at any time. We’re also here to help you pick the right offer based on your demographic and what other wineries are doing in your region. This could be a complimentary tasting, upgraded experience, discount on wine, or any other benefit not available to the general public. We encourage you to read a couple of other minor commitments here.

How does it work?

Once we get to know your business and decide on your offer we’re ready to go. We create a listing page that displays your winery on our website and in our mobile app. We also inform our winery concierge of your information so that we can get you included in future itineraries. When customers arrive to your door they will present a Priority Wine Pass and you will reward the offer. It’s that simple!

Winery partners perks include: 

  • Getting included in personalized tasting itineraries for visitors in your region
  • Features in our newsletter wine enthusiasts
  • Inclusion on our website and mobile apps
  • Promotion of events and monthly happenings 
  • Features in blog and social media posts
  • Promotion via YouTube features

Get started now!

Current winery partners include:

Winery partners include both boutique wineries as well as wineries in the following portfolios.

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