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Down a long country road lined with tattered fences and mossy boulders, amidst old oaks surrounded by vineyards, through tall grasses that give way to dusty dirt roads and ranches, and over a stream that blossoms into a lake, Aonair’s story begins…

After spending his entire career in the wine business, Grant Long Jr. has settled into his role as proprietor of Aonair (pronounced: ā-ō-nair). For Grant, it all began as a teenager, when he made his first barrel of wine in his parents’ garage. Over the years, Grant has had the opportunity to work alongside some great mentors. With the practical knowledge he gained in the cellar and his instinct for business operations, Aonair was born.

The Aonair crest has personal significance, as Grant and his wife Megan take great pride in their Irish heritage. Aonair wines are identified by the coat of arms of the Hannigan clan, an ode to Grant’s mother’s maiden name. Appropriately enough, the word Aonair is Gaelic for “one man,” and it reflects the hands-on approach Grant takes in every aspect of the wine-making process.

In 2015, Grant and Megan purchased the Conn Valley property, now home to Aonair Wines, with the dream of turning their wine brand into a family endeavor. Just after their first child Tristan was born, Megan left her career as a teacher to join what has become a family business. With her Midwestern values and Grant’s determination to see the legacy of the brand continue for generations to come, they now work side by side to make their vision a reality. In each step that they take, they continue to honor the grassroots history of Napa Valley and those who pioneered the industry before them.

Our Wines

Grant’s focus is on handcrafting rich, full-bodied wines in limited barrel quantities, primarily sourced from the rocky, volcanic hillside vineyards of Napa Valley. Working with a diverse set of regionally distinct vineyards has offered him the opportunity to create wines with great depth and layers, as each one of these vineyards adds a unique characteristic to the final blend. For Grant, it is not about quantity but quality. Everything about making wine is personal for him, from the way the grapes are farmed to the way they are picked, pressed, and fermented. Watching a wine go from grape to glass firsthand is of utmost importance.

From the very beginning, our commitment has been that in order to own a bottle of our wine, you would have to enjoy the pilgrimage to Napa. Aonair is not sold in distribution, restaurants, or retail stores. Our wines are limited in production and availability. The Aonair Wine Club Membership is our way of sharing these small-production wines with our followers.


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