Chateau Faire Le Pont Winery

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Chateau Faire Le Pont Winery
Offer Details: Tours available, Family-friendly, Pet-friendly, Food available on-site, Handicap accessible
Phone: (509) 667-9463
Hours: 11am-9pm Tuesday-Saturday
11am-6pm Sunday-Monday

Doug Brazil has made wine professionally for Chateau Faire Le Pont for the last 10 years. He studied in Europe during his travels in the Navy and made wine at home for several years prior to starting the winery.Philosophy of making wine: For Doug Brazil, being winemaker for Chateau Faire Le Pont Winery is a dream come true. His meticulous attention to detail and obsession with quality comes from a place of respect for the legacy of winemaking. As a result, Doug spends his days in the cellar using his senses as his barometer for winemaking decisions, always striving to make wines that ultimately represent our Ultra-Premium Winery. He is dedicated to working in harmony with nature to transform grapes of uncompromising quality into wines of distinctive character. He wants our wines to be approachable in their youth, yet to age beneficially for ten to fifteen years. How best to achieve these goals is something he continues to experiment with in small lot trials.


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