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Fazeli Cellars
Offer Details: Includes 6 tastings

Monday – Friday: $18 per person

Saturday – Sunday: $23 per person

Holidays: $23 per person

For groups over 8 people we kindly suggest recommendations

Phone: (951) 303-3366
Hours: 11am-6pm Daily
We have Baba Joons Kitchen on site for food purchase

Welcome to the Award Winning Fazeli Cellars Inspired by the ancient traditions of Persia. Rooted in the modern expressions of California. The Fazeli family is proud of its cultural heritage, which it continues to celebrate by creating wines that capture the essence of its ancient traditions. Named after the fabled city of Shiraz, its benchmark grape pays homage to ancient Persia. Long ago this beautiful city was famous for its wine, and some even say that this is where the Shiraz grape originated.


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