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Offer Details: As this is an exclusive tasting you must book at least 48hrs in advance. They only host tastings on Saturday and Sunday.
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G meets Reedy Greg Urmini and Ross Reedy met while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Sharing their theories on wine while roaming one of its earliest homes, the two students quickly took to the local culture: four hour lunches, three hour work days, beautiful art, and the world’s finest cuisine! When the semester ended, Greg and Ross toured Europe’s great wine regions to pursue a more focused curriculum. After months of wine-fueled, precarious adventures, they returned home and enrolled in the Viticulture and Enology program at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, in California’s famed Central Coast wine region. Soon after, they began working under several extraordinary and inspiring winemakers. The practice had begun. Hobby becomes Craft After a few more years of traveling the world and making amazing wines, Greg and Ross decided to craft their first vintage together, using Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the Alexander Valley region of Sonoma County. The inaugural barrel was an immediate success. To the young enophiles their new mission became clear: craft spectacular wines to share with anyone and everyone who wanted to drink them. GReedy was born! They would need more grapes. G.Reedy Philosophy G.Reedy Wines came from a passion to enjoy and share wine. Our name reflects our insatiable desire to create and share a wine unlike any other. To that end, we have made a conscious effort to remain boutique in size, ensuring precise controls and close attention to quality. Each of our wines is handcrafted and has received nothing short of our greatest care and attention. The result is evident in every glass, bottle and oak barrel. We believe wine is an experience in and of itself, an experience to be shared with those in your life whom you care about most. Not very greedy, we know, but we are working to redefine the term, one glass at a time. G.Reedy means pursuing what you truly enjoy and experiencing its fullest potential. For us, being G.Reedy is spending time with our family and close friends, traveling the world and, of course, creating and drinking great wine. __The wine you are drinking is only as good as the experience you have while drinking it.” Enjoy!

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GReedy firmly believes in letting the character of the vineyard and terroir express itself as much as possible in our wine. The best way to achieve this is by utilizing a __hands-off” winemaking approach and keeping case count minimal. To this end, we do only a few different varietals in any given vintage and keep production levels very low, often times making only a few hundred cases from only the best fruit we can find and passing on everything else.


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