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Prager Winery & Port Works
Offer Details: *Tastings are by appointment only*
Phone: (707) 963-7678
Hours: 7 days a week from 11-4:30pm by appointment only. Appointments online at or by phone.
$40- 4 premium ports & wines – and you keep the glass!

Tucked away past a lush garden, and through the barrel cellar, the Prager tasting room is like a secret hideaway – rustic and casual – and unlike any tasting room in the Napa Valley. Currency from around the world covers the walls and ceilings.

The main curiosity is the Web Window – a truly unique marvel of arachnid engineering. It has been the home for generations of spiders and their families. No one has ever woven a more tangled web.

Our Wines

Prager Winery & Port Works makes two table wines and six different ports. All products are available for sale through the winery, in the tasting room and at our online store.

Royal Escort Port (and in special years a Royal Escort Vintage Port) is made from Petite Sirah grapes and is our flagship port. Noble Companion Tawny Port is still a favorite among connoisseurs and ready for consumption right when it’s purchased. Tomas Port is our first Portuguese varietal port made from Tinto Cao, Touriga and Tinta Roriz grapes. For those who seek out the rare and the unusual there are a couple of White Ports – Aria White Port made from Chardonnay grapes and Alyssa Golden Dry Port made from Verdelho grapes.

The three table wines are Petite Sirah and two Late Harvest Rieslings – a fruity and crisp variety named Sweet Claire and a lightly fortified variey named Madeline.

Because we specialize in the production of fine PORT wines, we are asked many questions about How Port is Made???


Port is usually a sweet, red, fortified wine. Port takes its name from the very special wines produced in a specific District along the Douro River in Portugal. Ports, in California may be made from a number of grape varieties, and the resulting wine may be red, tawny or white. The main difference between port and other wines made from the same grapes is the addition of spirits before the fermentation is completed, this is called fortification. We fortify our fermenting wine with 170 proof California grape brandy. The alcohol content of the wine is brought up to about 19%, which stops the action of the yeast, leaving some of the grape sugars unfermentated, and this is why most ports are sweet. We are proud that we produce the least sweet ports in California. Generally, California ports will range anywhere from 10% to 13% residual sugar. Ours are between 6% to 7% for our Vintage and Tawnies. Our White Ports range from Dry to 3% residual sugar.


There are two seperate classifications of ports, the first are Vintage Ports, which includes Vintage and Late-Bottled Vintage(LBV). These Ports are aged from 24 months, to less than five years, in oak barrels. This relatively short time in oak allows the port to develope its complexities slowly in the bottle for decades. The other classification is the Wood Ports. These include Tawnies, Rubies and White Ports. Unlike their Vintage counterparts these Ports spend five years plus aging in oak. With this longer barrel aging, it develops soft, nutty flavors. They are ready for consumption the day they are purchased. You can hold them for years, but they will not improve with age.


Because of their high alcohol content, young Ports have the potential for lasting a good 4-6 months after the bottle has been opened, even after that length of time, don’t be in a hurry to pour it down the drain. Since the Port has been subjected to the influence of air, it has undoubtedly become softer with an intensified nutty character. In other words, the Port will still be drinkable.


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