Schweiger Vineyards

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Schweiger Vineyards
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Phone: 707-963-4882
Hours: 10am-4pm Daily by Appointment


Our Estate Vineyards are the heart and driving force of everything we do at Schweiger. Meticulously managed by Fred Schweiger and his team, these high quality grapes grown at the apex of the Spring Mountain District provide us with the best of Napa Cabernet every vintage.


Every single vintage of Schweiger Cabernet ever produced comes from the same small vineyard blocks 2000 feet above the Napa Valley. As an Estate Winery, we provide a wine that is grown, produced, and bottled all on site under our own watchful eye.


Elevation, soil, climate all play their part in producing world class wines. Learn more about how terroir affects our wines.


Grapes grown at the top of the slopes surrounding the Napa Valley present their own unique challenges as well as desirable characteristics that result in the highest quality wines. Discover the work that goes into bringing the best grapes into the winery.


Long before Sustainability became a household term, we were practicing it here at Schweiger, because that is what good farming is.

Our Wines

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