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Sort This Out Cellars
Phone: (805) 688-1717
Hours: 10am-7pm Sun-Thurs
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Our Company
Sort This Out Cellars is a small producer of California wines. Produced from grapes grown throughout California’s wine country, we explore varietals and appellations that are representative of California’s diversity to craft wines with quality and value. Relieving ourselves of the restrictions associated with owning vineyards or producing wines from a singular viticultural area.

Our Business Model
Tired of the traditional wine country narrative, we wanted to move beyond the iconic family winery, or estate grown grape paradigms that have dominated the California wine landscape and instead make wines that looked more like the people who drank them. Inspired by an old picture of the Rat Pack outside The Sands hotel in 1961, we called upon the values of a time when men had character, and women had curves. A time when you could smoke, drink, curse, and have a good time without apology. We built our wines around this classic American adult spirit, so eroded by political correctness and fear, to create wines that were unapologetic in their character. Wines that pair with good times and friends. We make wines that are just as at home at the poker table as the dinner table.

Our business model called for a winery direct sales strategy. Making such a small amount of wine, we intended to sell it all directly to wine drinkers through our website and tasting room. First released in early 2007, our wines were sold exclusively online. On July 11, 2008 we opened our tasting room in Buellton, California and later moved to our current location in Solvang, Ca. As interest in our wines has grown, so has our plan for distribution. Although we originally intended to sell exclusively direct, wholesale partnerships have helped spread word of our wines throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Our Wines

Our Winemaking
We crush our own grapes from some of California’s finest vineyards. Purchased in small lots, the grapes are brought to the winemaking facility where our wines are crafted using state of the art winemaking resources under the direction of our winemaker Michael Cobb.

In addition to our own wines, we taste and acquire small lots of bulk wine. The best kept secret in the wine industry is that most wineries sell more wine than they produce from their own grapes. Many larger wineries end up making more wine than they can bottle. Sometimes it’s a financial decision. Sometimes the crop comes in over projection. Whatever the reason, there are many amazing wines that wineries trade amongst themselves for blending and bottling under their own brands. We look for premium wines at great prices that can be blended with our own juice or stand alone to add diversity and value to our wines.

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