Tank Garage Winery

Complimentary Tastings with Prior Reservation. Groups limited to 6 people.

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Tank Garage Winery
Offer Details: Complimentary Tastings with Prior Reservation. Groups limited to 6 people.
Phone: (707) 942-8265
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 10 AM to 5 PM
Friday-Monday: 10 AM to 6 PM
Reservation Required. Taste through four limited production, one-off wines inside our Lubrication station. Wines change seasonally and may include rosé, white, red, and sparkling.

Last 50-65 minutes

Last Tasting Starts
Tuesday-Thursday: 4:00 PM
Friday-Monday: 4:45 PM

When we opened Tank Garage Winery in 2014, we didn’t know if it would turn into Napa’s coolest winery, or work at all for that matter. In fact, for a while, it seemed like it wouldn’t. Napa Valley just didn’t seem ready for an old garage pumping out eclectic wine blends and vintage vibes. The people that drove by looked confused and if they ever stopped, it was to try and get gas. Nobody seemed to get it. But then, we found you.

And you told your friends about Calistoga’s best winery with cool labels and an affinity for the F word and they started coming too. Before we could even realize, Tank became a full-fledged movement. Fuck, are we forever grateful.

See, this project didn’t start in some focus group or corporate boardroom, it started as a dream. We built Tank as a bastion for dreamers and those looking to defy conventions. A winery that celebrates misfits, bootleggers, and daredevils. One of the most interesting wineries in Napa Valley. No business plan, no exit strategy, just a mission to do cool shit.

Our goal is to make wines that add to the collective conversation. Wines with soul and purpose. By sourcing fruit from California’s most important vineyards, we’re able to create delicious wines that are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

So if you are reading this, thank you for sharing our dream. Thanks for helping us build Napa’s most fun wine tasting experience. Thanks for supporting us when the odds are stacked against us. We’ll keep pushing boundaries in winemaking. We’ll keep doing cool shit. And we promise to keep rockin’ and rollin’.

Our Wines

“We make wines that push norms, boundaries and archaic conventions with a deep respect for the land and community that grow our grapes.” –Bertus Van Zyl, Winemaker

At Tank Garage, we believe that wine should never be boring. We create wines with soul & purpose, with a goal of adding to the collective conversation. We push boundaries, experimenting with new & old school winemaking techniques and never shy away from a good challenge.

Our wines are sourced from some of California’s most important vineyards. We seek out the uncommon, the misfit varieties and the stuff you’ve never even heard of. Why? Because we can, and because Napa Valley doesn’t need another single-vineyard Cabernet. We work with farmers all over the state of California, as far south as Santa Barbara, as far north as Mendocino, from the Sonoma Coast all the way out to the Sierra Foothills. We stive to work with like-minded growers promoting sustainable farming practices, so that we can continue our dream of making wine for years to come.

Each of our releases is truly one-of-a-kind. From the blend, to the bottle, to the style in which the wine is made, we never repeat the same wine twice. And to us – that’s a good thing. It allows us to fully showcase what nature gives us each vintage and create something truly unforgettable. We utilize a number of different fermentation techniques from foot-stomped whole-cluster ferments to carbonic maceration to open-top fermentation. Our wines are aged in oak, stainless steel, and sometimes even a cacciopesto. We play around with multi-vintage and extended-barrel aged wines. If you can think of a cool winemaking technique, chances are, we’re playing around with it in the cellar.



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