Vineyard Grant James

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Vineyard Grant James
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Phone: 760-206-3481
Hours: Friday-Sunday Noon to 6pm.

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Vineyard Grant James Family Owned and Operated

In the Spring of 2009, the first 3 acres were planted and plans are currently underway to continue adding additional grapevines to our property. Our stone veranda with sweeping views of the Vineyard is ideally situated for growing and harvesting a variety of grapes including Syrah, Merlot, Sangiovese, Orange Muscat, Greco, Refusco and Nebbiolo.

At Vineyard Grant James, we strive to express the purest form of wine. Wine manipulations involve taking something out of the wine, in hopes of adding an appealing value to the wine, but that is rarely how it works. It usually takes the life out of the wine.

Wine is not made in the sense of adding a variety of ingredients and creating a star quality. It is more like helping the wine along/ helping it to evolve into the form that it was meant to be.

Our Wines

Here at Vineyard Grant James we are strong advocates of wine blending. One single varietal can often be offensive or too intense, but with the proper blend the wines taste both smooth and complex.__

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Live Music & Food every Saturday & Sunday (We have partnered with Marinade on Main to offer a farm-to-table inspired menu.)


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