A Wine Learning Experience w/Sommelier Victor Orozco

Taste & Evaluate Wine Like a Pro Course for $65pp (normally $90pp) for wine pass members and up to 5 guests.

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A Wine Learning Experience w/Sommelier Victor Orozco
Offer Details: Reservations required please call or email Victor: sommelier49@gmail.com or (707) 225-2350
Phone: 707-812-9192
Hours: Flexible Times and Days
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I’ve been a Sommelier since 1976, trained in all things related to wine and its appreciation. The knowledge and experience acquired made wine not just a profession, but a hobby and my true passion. I’m a Certified Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers, and a Wine Location Specialist (WLS) certified by the CIVC and the IVDP of Champagne and Port in 2010. I also had the privilege of being inducted as an honorary member of the two most important wine societies in France: The Commanderie de Bordeaux (1986), and the Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin (2004), in Bordeaux and Burgundy respectively. Being a Sommelier gave me the opportunity to work for many prestigious restaurants and establishments around the country, also the distinct honor to write for different wine publications within the States as well as other countries. The last 10 years have been dedicated to consulting and wine education. Presently, I’m in charge of hosting private wine tastings at Gustavo Wine / Avinodos in Napa. As an educator I taught for Culinary Institutions locally and overseas, currently teaching Wine Appreciation Classes and Sommelier Courses at Napa Valley College (Upper Campus) in St. Helena. My main interest is to share my extensive knowledge and experience through wine education, but my approach to wine has become, more than anything else, the ultimate destination oriented to those who sincerely want to understand the concept of wine.

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LEARNING ABOUT NAPA WINES This is a unique opportunity to learn about “the greatness of wine” in an easy, fun, educational way, and in a relatively short time. Our 3-class series contains topics of general interest related to tasting, service, and understanding of wine. The different classes offered by Certified Sommelier Victor Orozco will cover the most important aspects of wine, from opening a bottle of wine at home to ordering at a restaurant, besides making you a more qualified taster whether hosting an event or participating in it. Mr. Orozco has developed a teaching method that focuses on the concept of wine, designed to clear up confusing terminology, myths, and definitions which lead to confusion rather than explaining what wine really is. You’ll never be intimidated again when tasting wine. 1) “Taste and Evaluate Wine like a Pro” The subject of tasting and evaluating requires good quality wines from any region of the world. Napa wines make the perfect guide to understanding one of the most popular tasting methods: Blind wine tastings. This method will teach you how to taste or put together a tasting. Wine tastings are designed to find wines that you will thoroughly enjoy. There’s no right and wrong when it comes to wine tasting. This class will help you evaluate and find the wine that suits your taste and learn the importance of color, aromas and flavors that make wine so unique and highly sophisticated. 2) “The Key to Serving Wine” Whether at home or at your business place, how to store or open a bottle, at what temperature should wine be served, and the kind of glassware to be used, is possibly the most important thing you need to know to provide the perfect service. The basic knowledge of wine along with other important practices such as decanting, the order in which a wine should be served and, very importantly, how to pair food and wine, will make your dinner or wine tasting an unforgettable as well as an impressive experience. 3) “The Art of Appreciating Wine” A good understanding of wine will allow us to recognize, not only our personal preferences but also those wines that can fully satisfy our guests, friends or family. Napa Valley wines are undoubtedly an excellent help at cultivating the art of wine appreciation. This class will teach you the meaning and importance of the balance between all the components that contribute to the flavor and character of the wine, which can be easily applied to wines from other regions of the world. Speaking intelligently about wine has never been so easy before. PRICE PER CLASS WITH PRIORITY PASS: $65 ($90) PRICE FOR THE 3-SERIES CLASSES WITH PRIORITY PASS: $150 ($240)

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