New Wine Regions Added!

We have expanded our territory of wineries the past few months into Washington and Oregon. We did some research and it turns out Washington produces the second largest amount of wine in the United States next to California. The state has over 900+ wineries and we have added 55 of those as partners and plan to expand to more than 50 by the end of this year.
If you’re unfamiliar wine region of Washington, Walla Walla was one of the original winery regions founded by a group of Italians. Today, the largest winery region is the Colombia Valley, which also expands into Oregon. They also produce a large spectrum of wines from Rose and Riesling to Cab and Merlot. We have discovered the tastings are much more affordable than our hometown of Napa. You are more likely to find yourself in smaller boutique tastings rooms with opportunities to meet the owners and winemakers on a more frequent occasion.
As time goes by, this region is likely to become more sought after. As of now, they are not known to have a flagship wine such as Cabernet in Napa Valley or Shiraz in Australia and Chianti in Italy. They are also portrayed to have more expensive New World wines than other regions. However, this is a misconception due to a few large corporations who own Chateau St. Michelle and Colombia Crest that have brought upon this perception. In truth, we believe this is the best time to visit the region as more than 25,000 gallons of wine are sold through small family run wineries. Right now, you get a chance to really learn about the winemaking process without having to pay top dollar by speaking to the owners and winemakers. You are also paying affordable prices for New World wines with the small guys as well as supporting their livelihood and passion.
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