Priority Wine Pass Partner Terms & Conditions

By entering your winery, tasting room and/or business (Business) information and checking the agreement option located on, the business contact (Contact) listed in the form agrees to the following conditions:

(1)The Contact is the primary contact responsible for the Business, it’s direct to consumer marketing, tasting management or any other comparable position required to make decisions on behalf of the Business and it’s promotions. (2) The Contact has discussed their Priority Wine Pass offer (Offer) and the Priority Wine Pass partnership terms and conditions (Terms) with all relevant Business owners. (3) The Contact has reviewed their submitted Offer and properly evaluated it prior to submission and agrees that their Business will honor the Offer to the fullest extent. (4) The Contact agrees to train their staff and keep them informed about the Offer and Priority Wine Pass. (5) The Contact agrees that it is their responsibility to keep track of Priority Wine Pass members that arrive and to report any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the program or Offer. (6) The Contact understands that any change to their Offer, including removal, will need to be done in writing no less than 90 days in advance. The Contact also agrees that they will continue to honor their past Offer during that 90 day period. (7) The Contact understands that removal of their Business or Offer from may result in up to a $599 charge to cover registration fees that may have been waived during sign up. (8)Any questions comments or concerns regarding Priority Wine Pass partnership can be sent to