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Real Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to reach back out and say thank you once again. This itinerary was so amazing that we ended up booking every single winery recommended but one (only because we couldn’t fit everything in with one addition of our own). We also booked dinners at all the places you recommended. 

Planning and researching would have taken us hours. We travel a lot and this is one of the best services we’ve ever used. We just wanted to express our gratitude and excitement. Also every winery we called was a pleasure to work with.  Thank you again. Have a great day.


Thanks so much Jamie for your help! My friends and I looking forward to our next wine tasting with this awesome pass!

Have to say with this pass, I’ve tried new wineries areas such as Lodi and Paso Robles- it’s exciting to try wines from other regions in California. Who knew there was so many.


Seriously, I cannot WAIT to go back. The Priority Wine Passes paid for themselves within the first two wineries, and were so handy to have! Thanks again for all your help this trip would not have been as amazing as it was without your help!!

– Niki

Your recommendations were outstanding.  Especially in Sonoma.  White Oak and Ty Caton were the best we visited. We joined the wine club for both of them.  Also enjoyed Reynolds Family and Summer in Calistoga but the 2 in Sonoma/Healdsburg were worth the drive and we will go back again. Had a great picnic lunch at White Oak and would tell others it was worth the drive.  Best reds by far were at Ty Caton and George was the best person yet to learn from there. Thanks for all your help and we hope to return next June again!

– Brad

I’ve been remiss in my gratitude for your recommendation of Bell Winery. We visited on your recommendation, and were given a delightful tour and cheese pairing that was beyond what we’d expected. The wines were extraordinary, and nicely match my palate. I prefer an old-world style of red, and Anthony manages to bring this element into a new world winery. The Clone 6 is spectacular. We enjoyed the hospitality and the wines so much that we joined the wine club on the spot. I appreciate your recommendation, and look forward to more tips from you on our next visit to Napa.

– Michael

We cannot thank you enough Jamie!  We are blown away by your amazing customer service.  It is so rare to come across service like yours and it is very refreshing to see that it does still exist.  We will most certainly be recommending your service to everyone we meet on our trip.

– Jordan

Thank you for checking in.  Priority Pass has come in quite handy on our trip.  St Francis winery was by far my husband and my favorite! We bought a case of wine from them.  We stopped at many fantastic wineries we would not have found if it weren’t for the pass. Thank you again! All the best


Once again, thank you for arraigning our visits last week. Alpha Omega was a amazingly beautiful winery, outstanding service and detail.  A treat for those wanting to experience the wine country in sophistication coupled with great wines.

Avinodos / Gustavo is the newest Wine Country MUST experience destination.  They hit a solid cord with us.  Dan & Julie’s welcoming demeanor, great wine knowledge, fantastic wines and amazing paring with cheese, crackers and nuts made our two hour intimate tasting seem like being home with our best friends enjoying that treasured bottle of reserve.  Even though in an industrial setting, having the entire production housed in one location was a treat, especially at the small scale, giving us the ability to visualize the entire process.  To top off the experience, Gustavo, the wine maker and centerpiece to the movie Bottle Shock, greeted us in the production area, sharing in three special barrel tastings.  For newcomers to the wine experience, Avinodos / Gustavo is wonderful winery to explore the craft of wine making in a very unassuming yet welcoming setting.  For those seasoned wine conasures, Avinodos / Gustavo’s wines will lighten up your palate while at an amazingly inexpensive price point.

Now a third year Priority Wine Pass holder, it is one of the best bargains I have encountered. Not only has Jamie Cegelski, Founder, brought together a wonderful selection of wineries in great locations, but also coupled with amazing discounts. Having grown up in the Livermore Valley Wine Country, there were a number of wineries that I had never been to.  Having the Pripority Wine Pass has opened wonderful new experience to wineries I had driven by for years.  Jamie’s pre screening and selection of wineries is outstanding.  Everything from the start up Mom & Pop’s to the well established matriarchs of the wine industry; a beautiful spectrum that will assure the novice and experienced wine adventurer finds a wine that will please their palate.  Kudos to Jamie and her brain child – Priority Wine Pass – “lets uncork another great experience”.

– Mark

I wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help with the company Napa trip I was planning at the beginning of the month! The trip went seamlessly and everyone on our team and their significant others had an amazing time. We couldn’t have asked for better weather also! Without your help we likely would not have been able to stay in Napa that weekend -an additional thank you to your fiancé for his help in meeting our budget for the rooms. It was a perfect trip!


We are headed out of Paso Robles. Thank you so so much. We got a tour, talked to the wine maker bought 3 bottles and a case on top of that, plus enjoyed a great tasting paired with cheese and chocolate. Meeting Lacey was great and the mom from Russia has the biggest smile on her face.
Thank you!

– Pavel

We joined the Alpha Omega wine club and purchased a lot of wine.  Most wine purchased was at Jonathan’s.  We loved the 2007 Reserve Cab sold in Magnums.  Bought three and my wife purchased some of their whites.

Thank you for arranging such a special day.   We had a very special and memorable day.

We are great fans of the Priority Wine Pass.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Best Regards


We had a blast! The tour at Chateau Julien was great! Your contact was not there on Saturday but the were very nice and honored our membership and gave us discounts on the wine we purchased.

We went to Manzoni, I asked about Mark but I think he had the day off or had just left, but they gave me a free tasting through my membership and me and my wife shared. The tasting room was really nice, and the lady working there was very hospitable and informative.

Thank you and your associates again for all your help. It made for a very memorable anniversary.

– Bailey

I actually enjoy my Priority Wine Pass membership very much. In fact, I plan on renewing my membership with the offer e-mailed to me just a few days ago (thank you!).

This past Sunday I took a girlfriend with me to spend a day in Livermore lunching and wine tasting (going strictly only to wineries that honor PWP members). We were able to go to Steven Kent and Tesla Vintners. No charges for our tasting (that’s important to me) and we were given discounts on our wine purchases. I love that.

I’m a member at several wineries scattered throughout Napa, but I appreciate my PWP membership because it allows me to explore other wineries I would have not otherwise visited.

I see the list of wineries expanding, and I love that. I really want to explore every winery feasible to me in the most economical and efficient way because later do I then decide where I feel a winery deserves my consumer dollar and where other wineries are just visited “just because.

I hope my input can be of value to PWP. It’s really a great program/membership and I hope to remain a loyal customer.



P.S. I appreciate the personal touch to reach out to your customers to receive feedback. I feel that’s very important and overlooked sometimes. Keep it going. 🙂

Thank you for the quick response.

This is my 2nd year as a Wine Pass holder and I got great use out of it last year. I probably used it 10 different days at wineries that I would have never stopped at including Cornerstone in Yountville where I joined their wine club. I will get a lot of use out of the Healdsburg area too since we like escaping there for a couple days. The wineries are always very courteous to us and very accepting of the card. I find it to be a great value and a lot of fun to use.

PS – I also posted the link on my Facebook account and recommended it. J

Thanks again.

– Bill

My favorite winery was Andretti. All three of us enjoyed nearly every wine we tasted and they were quite generous in giving us about four extra tastings not on the menu (all free). We got 6 bottles there – and some of their awesome dill mustard! My husband also fell in love with a pricy Cabernet at Cosentino so we got a bottle to save for our anniversary in a couple months 🙂 -Sarah

yes, yes and yes! Great local wineries without going to the valleys, and Jeff Cohn ofJCcellars signed our bottles we purchase with a personal note or comment of the wine, very funny guy!!

– Joy

“The wine tasting trip went really smoothly, all the wineries were welcoming & super friendly. Curtis was a great end of the day, and the weather was perfect. Thank you for setting everything up. It was really effortless, that made it easier to concentrate on the actual tastings and 4 wineries were plenty. Thank you again.

– James

We had such a great time.  Got started a little later then originally planned but that was fine.  We actually only got to Hudson & De La Montanya lol….Hudson had so many wines & we had so much fun talking with Rebecca & her husband that we spent way more time there then I had originally planned for.  We all use to work together & don’t get to see each other as much anymore so really the point of the day was to just be together so it was absolutely perfect.

I really need to thank you, you truly went above & beyond what we expected from a “deal we saw on living social”.  I will definitely be renewing my membership next year.  Your customer service has me sold.  🙂  Do you only work with actual wineries?  There are a couple wine bars here in Livermore that have amazing owners that I’d love to pass your name on to if you work with non-wineries.  I am looking into volunteering at some of the wineries in the area….I’d love to get more into the industry but have zero experience so figure starting as a volunteer in the tasting room may help.  Thanks again for everything!


Want to take a moment to share our excitement about another one of your great new additions to the Priority Wine Pass Club.  This past Sat three friends and I visited the SF Mead Company.  What a great place.  Oron and his helpers were amazingly welcoming.  Oron noted we were the first to visit him via Priority Wine Pass.  Even though they had a benchmarking large crowd, they made us feel as though they were very happy to see us and saw to it that we had a glass in our hand immediately.  Their bottled meads are over the top fantastic, and their in the cask tastings were equally impressive.  Oron has an incredible sense of what tastes great.  His future blendings will be a smash hit.  Given, we left with numerous bottles and will be returning for more.  Who would have know this row warehouse front in Hunters Point would be turning out such a great product.  I highly recommend visiting Oron and then SF Mead Company.  You will not be disappointed.

– Mark

I personally love your program and have used it so many times so far and tell others about it at every wine event I go to.

– Kristina

We totally love our wine pass and will renew.  Unfortunately we are unable to attend the Priority Wine Pass bocce event.  It does sound like fun though.



Beautiful winery and service! Thank you so much for helping us with the reservations.

We first started at Quivera which was tasty, and they lead us to Bella which had a great location and varieties. I’m not sure if you’re connected with them, but I highly recommend it. Then headed to Alpha Omega to finish the day of tasting. Everything was just awesome. :)” -Justin

“Thank you very much for the quick response since we are going to Napa this weekend although my old pass is still valid. We will use it in Healdsburg next month.

I think I probably used mine 10 times last year and joined several wine clubs from it including Cornerstone  (great wine and people!)​in Yountville. We are going to an event at this weekend.

Thanks again!

– Bill

Winery Partner Testimonials

We find Priority Pass to be one of the more engaging companies with accurate winery information.

– Erin Arago @ Envy Wines

Whenever I get guests who come into our winery directly through Jamie at Priority Wine Pass, I’m always pleased at how interested they are in wine. Be it that this is their 1st time to the valley or their 20th, they want know all about our wine. And I’m not talking about just the drinking aspect of wine tasting either. These guests are curious and want to be educated; a rarity in this industry. They love when we go in depth about our wine making process, our vineyard terroir, the story of Anthony Bell and Clone 6, as well as the explanation of what Clones are…or, as I like to call it, when we “get our wine-geek on.” They’ve always been either respectful or fun, and frequently are both! Rarely have I had Priority Wine Guests not purchase wine, or not leave a tip as a thank you for taking care of them. More often than not they purchase at least half a case of their favorites! They always leave with smiles on their faces and a little more wine knowledge in their noggins, looking to pass on their wonderful experience to their fellow wine lovers. It’s always a refreshing experience when I host Jamie’s guests and I’m sure it will be the same for you and your tasting room. Cheers!!

–Elise @ Bell Wine Cellars

Priority Wine Pass has been an invaluable partner in helping us drive qualified traffic to our Sonoma Valley Tasting Room.

– St. Francis Winery

We’ve had a couple people drop in already! One even joined the wine club! Let me know what you need from me.

– M4 Tasting Room!

We have worked with Priority Wine Pass for more than a year now and have had a great experience with it and Jamie.

– Andretti Winery

BTW, had our first pass holder today! I couldn’t believe it. So quick. They bought $100 worth of wine.
Thank you!

– Dutch Henry Winery

We had great mother and son come through, I believe she was from FL and he was living in Southern California. They came in search of Pinots and had heard great things about ours. We had a wonderful tasting and they purchased a couple cases.

– Canihan Winery

We absolutely love Priority Wine Pass and their creative offerings, and our exclusive deal with PWP is the most savings that we offer anywhere.

– Burgess Cellars

We were doing some research and PWP sent us 36 guests so far this year, with an average spend of $1XX.XX. It’s a great partnership, and we want to continue to do more.

– Miner Family Winery


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