Priority Wine Pass – Recent Removals

If you’ve arrived at this page it’s likely the wine tasting deal you are looking for is no longer available. We’re adding a list of recently removed wineries below.

  • Stone Griffon Vineyard – (Removed: 3/8/23)
  • A Wine Learning Experience w/Sommelier Victor Orozco – (Removed: 10/19/21)
  • Russian Ridge – (Removed: 5/3/21)
  • Longplay Wines – (Removed: 4/12/21)
  • Stony Hill – (Removed: 3/31/21)
  • Long Meadow Ranch General Store – (Removed: 3/31/21)
  • Long Meadow Ranch Mayacamas Estate Tour – (Removed: 3/31/21)
  • Merryvale – (Removed: 3/22/2021)
  • Copia Vineyards – (Removed: 3/15/2021)
  • Krupp Brother Tasting Room – (Removed: 3/15/2021)
  • Schmidt Family Vineyards – (Removed: 11/16/20)
  • Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery – (Removed: 11/3/20)
  • Lincourt Vineyards – (Removed: 11/1/20)
  • Winery Sixteen 600 – (Removed: 11/1/20)
  • Boich – (Removed: 10/30/20)
  • Avensole – (Removed: 10/19/20)
  • Gabrielle Collection – O’Connell Family Wines – (Removed: 1-/19/2020)
  • Durst Winery – (Removed: 8/27/20)
  • Albatross Ridge – (Removed: 8/27/20)
  • Bravante Vineyards – (Removed: 8/1/20)
  • Kastania Vineyards – (Removed: 7/23/20)
  • A Blooming Hill Vineyard – (Removed: 7/23/20)
  • Fazeli – (Removed: 7/7/20)
  • Sort this out cellars (Removed: 6/3/20)
  • Longsword Vineyard (Removed: 5/28/20)
  • Aldabella (Removed: 2/17/20)
  • Pure Cru (Removed: 2/14/20)
  • Shadybrook Estate Winery (Removed: 2/4/20)
  • Bonny Doon Vineyard (Removed:2/2/20)
  • Sinclair Estate Vineyards (Removed: 1/20/20)
  • Galante Vineyards (Removed: 1/8/20)
  • Dawn’s Dream Winery (Removed: 1/8/20)
  • Purple Cow Vineyards (Removed: 12/10/19)
  • Summers Estate Winery (Removed: 12/4/19)
  • Ektimo Wines (Removed: 11/25/19)
  • Mountain Ranch Winery (Removed: 10/15/19)
  • Naked Winery – Bend, Hood River, Mcminnville, Seaside (Removed: 9/10/19)

  • Val du Vino Winery (Removed: 8/29/19)
  • Zenaida Cellars (Removed: 7/22/19)
  • Hagafen (Removed: 7/10/19)
  • Pomar Junction Vineyard (Removed: 7/3/19)
  • Gwinllan Estate Winery (Removed: 5/21/19)
  • Silverado Vineyards (Removed: 4/7/19)
  • Conn Valley Vineyards (Removed: 4/7/19)
  • Silverado Resort and Spa (Removed: 6/14/21)
  • Donati Family Vineyards (Removed: 6/15/21)
  • Enriquez Estate Wines (Removed: 6/15/21)
  • Van Ruiten Family Winery (Removed: 1/31/2022)
  • Papapietro Perry (Removed: 3/2/22)
  • Carlton Cellars (Removed: 6/26/22)
  • Chateau St Jean (Removed: 6/28/22)
  • San Francisco Mead Company (Removed: 6/21/22)
  • Risdall Ranch Cellars (Removed: 07/27/22)
  • Walnut City WineWorks (Removed:6/27/22)
  • Sunland Vintage Winery (Remmoved 8/22)
  • Winery SF (Removed 3/22)
  • Sottomarino Winery (Removed 3/22)
  • Vie Winery (Removed 4/22)
  • Hightower Cellars (Removed 4/23)
  • Acorn (Removed 5/23)
  • Shadow Ranch (Removed 6/23)
  • Anaba Wines (Removed 6/23)
  • Pfeiffer Winery (Removed 6/23)
  • Baldacci Family Vineyards (Removed 7/23)
  • Mutt Lynch (Removed 7/23)
  • Trecini Winery (Removed 7/23)
  • Monte Ferro Winery (Removed 8/23)
  • Dominio Wines (Removed 8/23)
  • Valley View Winery (Removed 8/23)
  • Sentivo Vineyards and Winery (Removed 8/23)

Why do we remove winery partners or deals?

While we do our best to limit the frequency and number of removals, sometimes there isn’t any other option. In all transparency, here are a few reasons why we remove wineries.

Poor Service from Winery Partners

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best experience as possible. If we receive reports of bad service or unpleasant experiences we immediately review the winery partners in question. Although removing a winery is the last step, sometimes we feel it is the best option for our customers and our program’s success.

Business Closures

The winery business is a dynamic industry. While many new doors open every year, the fact of the matter is that many close as well. Obviously, when a winery closes for business we remove their deals from our website.

Management or strategy change

Part of the dynamics of the wine industry is the changing of management and business strategy. Although rare, some wineries choose to pause their deals until they are able to re-evaluate their business.

Missing a Particular Deal?

All wineries are contractually bound to continue to reward the deals listed on our website for up to 90 days after they are removed or updated on our website. So if there’s something you were really set on let us know! We’ll to our best to pull some strings and get you taken care of.

Can’t find a winery you’re looking for? Something you’d like us to add?

Let us know where you’d like to go! We always try to add new places that our members enjoy. Send us your suggestions by shooting us an email at

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