How to Develop a Taste for Wine – A Beginners Guide

how to taste wine for beginners

You might say, we are all on our own, personal wine journey. You may discover wine at a young age, or not start appreciating it until you are aged as fine as one. Whatever time you choose to enjoy wine more completely, you are likely in search of the best way to fully appreciated the complexities … Read moreHow to Develop a Taste for Wine – A Beginners Guide

What type of wine is Napa known for?

cabernet season

It’s no secret that the type of wine Napa is known for is Cabernet Sauvignon. According to Napa Valley’s official tourism marketing organization, Visit Napa Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon accounts for more than half of Napa’s crop value and 40% of its production. Why is Napa Known for Cabernet Sauvignon? We are all a product of our … Read moreWhat type of wine is Napa known for?

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