The best virtual wine tasting experience

We are excited to say that Virtual Wine tasting is now a thing! Even though it’s a result of awful circumstances, it’s great to be part of this progression within the industry. Both wineries and customers are adapting and realizing that technology does in fact have its place in the tasting room. However after looking at the competition and offerings available, we’re positive that we have the best virtual wine tasting experience and here’s why.

Few virtual wine tasting experiences compare

Yes, other wineries get you tasting and learning about the wine, which we love, but we think the format can be improved. That’s because most are webinar type tastings. That is, you buy the wine and you set up a tasting based on the winery’s schedule. This is inconvenient because you have to plan around the winery, not the other way around. You are also joining with other customers who have purchased the wine and are participating as well. This has the potential to make the experience a little awkward. You may hold back on questions or have to sit through other people’s silly chit-chat during the tasting. Don’t get us wrong, this can still be a fun opportunity, but we think our approach is better.

 We make our virtual wine tastings personal

All our tastings are with small-production wineries. This means you get to schedule one-on-one tastings with the winemakers or owners. You also have the opportunity to coordinate the tasting with friends. That means only the people you want on the call will be there. This makes things less awkward and more fun! You also have the opportunity to pick a tasting time that works best for you. Since you are coordinating with the winery you will have the chance to discuss a time that works best for everyone.

We deliver true value with our tastings

All of the wines we’ve selected are estate-grown and small-production wines. We even offer Napa Green certified wines, which means they employ industry-leading sustainable practices. When you get your shipment you’ll notice the difference and the attention to detail that goes into every bottle. Lastly, since you are buying wine directly it means that you are getting them below retail cost, which everyone can appreciate.

Your wine tasting supports small-production wineries

As we mentioned the wineries we selected are family owned and small-production wineries. This means that much of their revenue comes from direct to consumer sales. Unlike the big recognized wine brands that have retail sales, our producers rely on your business to stay afloat. Feel good about your investment and the benefits it brings to the local communities.

Bridget Virtual Wine Tasting host

Bridget Raymond


Rebecca Sciandri Griffin

Sciandri Family Vineyard

doug boeschen

Doug Boeschen

Boeschen Vineyards

We’re happy to be the best virtual wine tasting experience

Overall we’re excited to bring this new format to life, but we are even more excited to offer the best virtual wine tasting experience out there. Regardless of where you end up tasting, we hope that you keep your glasses full, and stay safe during these crazy times.

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