The best way to store an opened bottle of wine

If you’re going to be doing a lot of tasting at home you might as well invest in the proper tools! A wine saver is a no brainer and is the best way to store an opened bottle of wine.

So Coravin is a brand that I personally love! I know the price is high, but it’s well worth it.  The coravin lets you enjoy your wine without letting any oxygen into the bottle. It does this by replacing it with inert argon gas. This really does keep your wine fresh as if it hadn’t even been opened. That’s why this has become a staple in so many tasting rooms.

I was finally gifted one (the Model Two) and let me tell you this changes everything! Although my wine goes quite fast, I have tested bottles after being open for over a month and it still tasted great. I’m already considering purchasing another, but the $200-$400 price tag has pushed that out a bit. Currently I use my Coravin for my high end bottles and then a standard Vacu Vin for the rest. That’s worked out pretty well for me so I wanted to share!

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