Underground wine tasting tours

A trip to Northern California wine country can be a dream of a lifetime. But not every winery may be your cup of tea. If you are looking for the hard-to-find or very small production winery, let us help. An alternative to walking into the big-name wineries with hundreds of other guests. This underground wine tasting experience is just that. Make a private appointment with a vintner you can befriend and learn more in the process. We can match you to small wineries by your price, pace and experience preference. Here are a few examples.

Meet the vintner

Begin your day with a large breakfast and your driver will pick you up at 9:30 am. Be ready to greet your first vintner at 10 am. You are welcomed with a glass of wine and given a tour of the winery.

Caves, Cars & Roses – 10 am (90-minute tour and tasting)

A family retired to Napa and purchased a beautiful property in the Napa Valley. A new passion was born alongside the new vineyards. The first passions were gardening roses and racing Porsche cars. Both are on the tour with the vintner/winemaker who is also the son in the family. A grandchild’s name adorns a rose. Several gorgeous red wines, made in small batches, make the wine list. Few small production wineries of only 1,000 cases have their own cave. Bring your camera, as the entire locale is gorgeous. The roses bloom almost year-round. An investigation by Sunset magazine found that the greenhouse dates back to 1902. Enjoy the scenery, passions and wine!

Your driver will keep you posted on your timing. Relax and enjoy the views, wines and moments.

Historical tasting– 12 pm (90 TO 120-minute tour, tasting and lunch)

Family-owned, 100-acre vineyard has been a part of Napa Valley history for over 150 years. The vintner introduces you to the two, very different, 100% Cabs that they produce. Both Cabs are from their vineyard. But, one of them is from particular vines planted along the path of an old river bed. The mineralities from the river bed creates distinctive flavors. The visit includes both historical charm and a state-of-the-art facility. It is one of the few places in the Napa Valley where you can see both mountain ranges surrounding the valley at once. Beautiful! Catering for lunch is available for a reasonable cost of $35 per person. It includes a sandwich, fresh seasonal dish, salad and a sweet treat and served on china!

NEW flavors – 2:30 pm (90 tasting and possibly a bocce game)

Experience hospitality from a fresh face in the Napa Valley. This family recently launched a new label and they are on fire! The sparkling wine is exceptional! Made in small batches, which is labor intensive, it rivals other large brands. It does not stop there. The Pinot Noir is from a fabulous southern Napa vineyard. The Red Blend is intriguing in it’s interesting blend. And, the Cabernet is rich, fruit-forward and amazing. Relax in the barn, sit under the pergola or challenge your friends to a game of bocce.


The vintner loves to meet new people, pour some wine and throw some home-made pizzas into the new oven. The wines range in price from $50 to $80. The memorable experience will have you talking for months after your trip.

Buy your Priority Wine Pass for Hidden Gems and then email our special concierge Christine M McMillan. Her email is: christine@cm-destinations.com and make sure to include your Priority Wine Pass number and she would be delighted to make all reservations for you and setup your entire fun filled day of wine tasting!

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