Virtual tasting gifts for wine enthusiasts

We know that gift-giving can be hard. Whether you’re shopping for a friend, co-worker, or family member, what’s a truly great gift that everyone will love? Wine and cheese is always a good start, but you might need a bit more inspiration. Keep reading and you will find some virtual tasting gifts that make the perfect wine-themed present for someone you love — or maybe even yourself! 

The content team at Presently, a popular group-gifting platform, went on a hunt for all things wine + complimentary items like mocktails and charcuterie. They found that Priority Wine Pass makes some of the best of the best virtual tasting gifts for wine enthusiasts!

Celebrate the wine lover in your life with these group gift ideas made to be paired with a chilled glass. 

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For a taste of Napa at home

PWP’s Virtual Wine Tastings

Priority Wine Pass steals the show for Presently’s top pick for wine tastings, with access to the best wineries in Napa and beyond through virtual wine tasting experiences. Our wine tasting experiences make for a fun celebration with loved ones no matter the distance, whether USA, Canada, Europe, or Latin America. Many of them can be set up for a group as small as two or as big as a dozen.

Presently’s top group gift picks (they couldn’t choose just one!): 

The Obrien Estate (starts at $120/shipment, 2 shipment minimum) brings an assortment of Napa Valley wine, chocolates, and breadsticks for a yummy tasting experience that can be enjoyed with a partner. 

J. Cage Cellars (starts at $99/shipment) is family-owned and operated, and will send you three full-size bottles of Sonoma wine along with chocolates for pairing. 

Carbonsite (starts at $150/shipment) wines are best for those who love their wine sparkling. The husband-wife-duo creates a unique set of three sparkling wines that pair well with any meal. 

Non-alcoholic virtual tasting gifts for miss mocktail

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For the friend in the group who prefers a seltzer over a glass of chardonnay, Presently sampled some great picks for a festive drink without the booze!

Mocktail Kits by Priority Wine Pass

Who doesn’t love a fancy mocktail? Priority Wine Pass takes the cake again for offering a variety of incredible mocktail kits, featuring local Californian brands.

Why they love us: The Mocktail Kit ($75) by PWP is as classy as it gets when it comes to mocktails. The set comes with a jar of local honey, pomegranate shrub, seltzer, and a pretty dehydrated orange garnish. The drink is paired with Wisconsin cheddar, crackers, and sliced salami, making for the ultimate tasting experience! 

⭐️ Founder’s favorite: “As a non-drinker, this was exactly what I needed to make my celebration feel a bit more festive!”

Setting up a group gift 

Presently makes it easier for groups to come together to celebrate life’s greatest moments. Make your next occasion even more special by setting up a group gift with one of Priority Wine Passes amazing experiences. 

What is a group gift? 

A group gift is an easy way for people to contribute to a single better and more meaningful gift. The idea behind group gifts is that we can give better gifts together (quality > quantity) – ensuring that the gift received is cherished and used for longer. By using Presently, multiple contributions can be made toward the price of a larger gift.

Cheers from PWP and Presently, and happy gifting!

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