Virtual Tasting Kit – What to Expect

Virtual tasting kit is a new term.  Often when there is a dramatic disruption in society there are adaptations that happen to adjust to the new normal.  Along with those adaptations come changes in nomenclature, hence the rise of the Virtual Wine Tasting Kit.  This refers to what exactly comes in the box that you will receive from the winery for your virtual wine tasting event.  It will include the wine bottles themselves and anything else from the winery, like tasting notes or food items.

Most wineries will ship full bottles of wine for their virtual tasting events.  Not every winery bottles wine in anything different than your standard 750ml bottle.  It’s hard enough for a small, family owned winery to bottle in the standard size much less larger or smaller formats.  Those formats require a special bottling line which not everyone will have access to.  

Standard wine bottles are 750ml.  Anything smaller than that and the winery will need specialized equipment.  Some wineries have really bought in to hosting virtual wine tastings and have purchased the necessary equipment to bottle different sized, smaller bottles.  The size of the bottles and number of bottles being shipped are the most important things to know about your virtual tasting kit.

Popular sizes for virtual team building events are 100ml and 200ml.  This equates to less than a fourth of a glass and a third of a glass respectively.  This isn’t a significant amount of wine, enough for a taste, but if you have 4-8  small bottles, they do add up.  This is the best format for team events in my opinion.  Sometimes it takes time for people to warm up.  If you give them 4-8 opportunities, I would hope you achieve some interaction. 

wine tasting kit with small format bottles
Wine tasting kit with small format bottles.

Some wineries will add wine friendly snacks to their shipments.  Others will include tasting notes on the wines, food pairing suggestions, wine friendly snacks, but it varies from winery to winery. 

All of these elements are involved in what constitutes your virtual wine kit.  As virtual wine tastings become a part of our popular culture, a new term has evolved to designate the collection of items that will be delivered to your location to be used in your event.  The virtual tasting kit is the box of goodies you will enjoy as you participate in a virtual wine tasting.

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