Virtual Wine Tasting Canada

Canada has similar options to the US for a virtual wine tasting. However, alcohol is more heavily regulated in Canada than the US.  You can only ship full bottles of wine for a virtual wine tasting in Canada.  There are no small bottle options.

If you are planing a virtual wine tasting with a Canadian winery and all of the participants are in Canada, you will have some options that can accommodate you.  The wine regions of Canada’s East Coast are more developed than the West. I’m not sure if they are making the best wine in Canada in the East though. I’d give that title to the West Coast. I think that Okanagan is region where you can find some real quality wines and a good value.  

Virtual wine tasting Canada, Tender Hope Winery Okanagan
Efi at Tender Hope Winery is a great host for Canadian Virtual Wine Tastings.

Even if everyone participating in the wine tasting is in Canada, some wineries will not be able to ship to all Canadian provinces.  Each winery will have different shipping restrictions.  It depends on the winery.


A potential challenge for a virtual wine tasting in Canada is if you’d like to have people in the US join.  Import/Export usually isn’t a part of the independent winery licensing.  It’s not common or easy for Canadian wineries to ship to the US.  The same goes for US wineries wanting to ship to individuals in Canada.  This goes beyond the standard operating and shipping licensing for most wineries in the US too. 

If you are US based and have a few colleagues in Canada, you can always base your event with a US winery. Then you would simply ship similar wines from a Canadian winery to your Canadian participants and have them join the US winery’s Zoom.

If you are Canadian based and are in a similar situation with a few colleagues in the US, you can base your event with a Canadian winery. Then ship similar wines from a US winery to your US participants and have them join the Canadian winery’s Zoom.

With a workforce spread out, virtual tastings are common not just in the US but other countries like Canada as well.  Virtual wine tasting in Canada can be just as easy as in the US if you have the right partner to work with.  Priority Wine Pass has the experience help you negotiate this complicated and important means of connecting with your team, clients and family. 

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