Virtual Wine Tasting team building for remote teams

Use virtual wine tasting team building to connect your remote teams

Virtual Wine Tasting Kits

From $75/shipment*

*Includes the wine, the shipping, & the guided experience.

  • Select world-class wines
  • Fully customizable
  • Ships across the US
  • International options

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How it works for teams

Step 1: Work with our planning experts to pick the perfect virtual wine tasting kit for your budget and your team.

Step 2: Choose a tasting date for your event. Keep in mind this should be 5-14 business days from the order date since the tasting kits need time to arrive in the mail.

Step 3: We send you and your team instructions on how to access the video call. Your team logs on and gets ready to sip and have fun!

Our clients include:

Available services & offering

Chocolate Pairings

Non- Alcoholic Shipments

Custom Shipments

Virtual Birthday Parties

Food Pairings

Blind Tastings

Virtual Holiday Parties

Live Music Add-on

Wine Bingo & Trivia

International Shipment Options

Corporate Gifts

Beer, Whiskey, & More Tasting Options

Virtual Wine Tasting is flexible

Another thing that companies have been surprised by is our flexibility. Since we work with smaller wineries we’re able to make all sorts of accommodations. For example, if you have non-drinkers, we can arrange for alternative shipments like mocktail kits, chocolate and olive oil shipments, you name it.

I reached out about doing virtual wine tastings for my company, and Jamie got back promptly, made the process easy, and found options within our budget.

Kelly Panebianco, Crossbeam

What companies are saying

We spoke with Kelly Panebianco from Crossbeam. She said, “I reached out about doing virtual wine tastings for my company, and Jamie got back promptly, made the process easy, and found options within our budget." Many businesses like Crossbeam are turning to us as a fun alternative. She explained, “We had wanted to do an in-office wine tasting before... so we thought it would be fun to try it virtually and not feel like we had to wait until the storm was over to have our scheduled team outing.”

Virtual Wine Tasting team building activities keep us connected

It's remarkable how well virtual wine tastings bring teams together. It's a fun educational experience that whisks people away to wine country from the confort of their own home. Sometimes people can feel intimidated by wine, but all of our hosts are able to adapt their experience to the group and make sure no one feels left out. While we feel like any virtual wine tasting experience is perfect for team building, we also have trivia, blind tastings, paint and sip experiences that add a fun twist and can add an extra dynamic. Either way, we encourage you to fill out the form so that one of our planning experts can get you taken care of.

The Back Story of Virtual Tastings

Born at the start of the pandemic we quickly partnered with local winemakers to launch our Virtual Wine Tasting service. This was a pivot to offer more services to our existing customers. Since launching, we’ve found that it is trending among human resource departments and even sales teams. It has become a popular online team-building activity. That's because the format is ideal for companies looking for fun online activities to boost spirits with their remote employees. They love that it offers more structure than the free-for-all environment of a virtual happy hour.

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