What is a Wine Passport? And the Pros and Cons

A Wine Passport is a type of wine tasting program that helps you discover and/or track your visitation to wineries and tasting rooms. Many of these programs will even get you special discounts or offers on wine tastings. Programs may come in the form of a physical booklet, a mobile app, or a combination of both. In all cases there will be a list of participating wineries that offer stamps and/or deals when you visit.

Wine Country Passports

Winery Passport App

Some of the most popular include Wine Country Passport, Winery Passport App and Cellar Pass; however many smaller programs often pop-up and fade away in different wine regions.

The Benefits of a Wine Passport

No matter what wine passport program you choose, we feel it’s a fun way of discovering new wines and wineries. Anything that gets people excited about wine or breaks the barrier to tasting is a benefit in our eyes. Doing a little research and finding the right program for you can go a long way in saving you time and money during your trip.

The Drawbacks of a Wine Passport

As we mentioned we’ve seen many programs pop-up and fade away. This often ruins the credibility of more established companies and adds confusion in the tasting rooms. Additionally, many programs will come with a catch. For example the programs that offer a physical pass expire at the end of a calendar year. As for the apps they often provide sub-par discounts and/or come with spammy gotchas. See our full wine tasting program comparison here.

The Best Option

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