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1850 Wine Cellars
Phone: (925) 872-2536
Hours: WED-SUN: 11am-5pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday
Email us for hours and appointments: info@1850winecellars.com

The official story of California begins with the year 1850. Statehood is pronounced for this once republic and with the gold rush in full swing, people from seemingly every continent and walk of life were coming to stake their claim for a new life. Heritage varietals of that era, and so many others, initially found good success in the hills of the gold country and have continued to despite many hardships and challenges along the way.

The story of 1850 Wine Cellars as a winery, mirrors the spirit of those early settlers and viticultural pioneers in many ways. Born of a small group of friends and acquaintances that shared a deep desire to be a part of modern wine history, 1850 began with a shared vision of exploring the gold country areas of Amador, Fair Play and El Dorado to put down roots… just like the early settlers. Our collective goal is to produce wines that pay homage to the wines of those early wine pioneers yet with a contemporary expression. We feel strongly that this region of the state holds much opportunity for these Heritage varietals as well as some new twists on familiar themes. The gold hills have always held treasures for those willing to pour heart in soul into the land. Our desire to coax the best wine from these rich hillsides and share them with our friends and customers is our motherlode!

Sustainable Farming Practices:
1850 wines come from sustainable vineyards with low impact farming practices and with zero pesticides.

Our Wines

Award-winning winemaker Mica Raas and his team have crafted
something for every type of palate: Cabernet, Riesling, Viognier,
Chardonnay, Merlot, Grenache, Sangiovese, GSM, Syrah, Malbec,
Mourvedre and much more!

With great food and cheese pairings to compliment the fabulous wines we’ve got you covered.


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  • FREE Tastings
  • Picnic Friendly
  • Social Distancing Friendly

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