Aesir Meadery

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Aesir Meadery
Offer Details: Tours/Private tastings are available by appointment only and are $13.50 per person and include $5 off a single bottle purchase

Phone: (425) 495-6201
The current production space is small and subject to the weather so dress for the day. Certain times of the year I do open ferments and require the temperatures that come with that season.

All of our honey comes from within about 4 hours of the meadery and is hyper locally sourced. Nearly all of the fruits and vegetables used are sourced from within Washington state and 90% of the herbs and spices that we use are from Washington state. The only exceptions are things that cannot be grown adequately here. We see ourselves as having an amazing product and a fun and educational experience.

Our Wines

We have many awards for our traditional (just honey) meads, our metheglyn (spiced) style meads as well as for our seasonal melomel (fruit) meads


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