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Kivelstadt Cellars
Offer Details: Please make a reservation for groups over 6 people.
Phone: (707) 938-7001

The roots of Kivelstadt Cellars date back to my grandfather, G.B. Raffetto. My grandfather’s fine foods business was sold decades ago but my father always longed to get back into the food world. His dream of owning land and working outdoors was realized in 2005 with the purchase of Kivelstadt Vineyard (or Wild Turkey, for those of you that hang out with us too much). A few years ago, I was stuck at a career crossroads looking for something more engaging than the walls of my cubicle. My mom bestowed her wisdom and convinced me to return to the Bay Area and embark on a journey in the wine industry. Even though Kivelstadt Cellars started in 2007 as Qualia & Pavo Wines, our new name has not changed our dedication to making small lots of unique wines that challenge the conceptions of the California Style”. We’re not your typical winery and we certainly don’t want to be. Although we offer classic wines like our Estate Syrah, we also push the envelope with skin fermented whites such as our Orange Wine. We want our family of wines to be as eclectic as the people who make them. Jordan Kivelstadt, Founder/Winemaker


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