Sky River Mead

One tasting fee waived with a purchase of a bottle.

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Sky River Mead
Offer Details: Buy one, get one tasting with the purchase of a bottle
Phone: (425) 242-3815
Hours: Friday & Saturday 1pm-6pm
Sunday 1pm-5pm
We are known for the food friendliness of our meads. People under 21 not permitted

Mead…as warming and opulent in winter as it is delightfully refreshing in summer. In days gone by the finest meads were reserved for the kings and nobility; the styles as varied as the cultures that created them. At Sky River Mead we create meads inspired by our ancestors, those of Scandinavia, Ireland and the British Isles, along with a touch of the Northwest. We use pure natural honey, crystal clear water and the finest fruits and spices available to bring you the very finest meads. Enjoy a sip of yesteryear and tomorrow from the same glass. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Skål! Sláinte! Cheers!

Our Wines

We are known for our Mead! We have been creating hand crafted meads and honey wines for 20 years. All are created from the finest honey, crystal clear water, the juiciest fruit and flavorful spices and flowers.

Known for:

  • Mead


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