Virtual Wine Tasting: online fundraising for nonprofits

Online fundraising for nonprofits is made easy with our virtual wine tasting experiences. Now you can raise online money for your organization while your donors raise a glass!

How virtual wine tasting works for online fundraising for nonprofits

Let’s pick a winery and wine shipment based on your budget and fundraising targets! Our virtual tastings can either be individual experiences for each donor or a group event. Since we work with small-production wineries we’re flexible and an execellent choice for a online fundraising for nonprofits!

Choose wine tasting packages

Together we curate one or several wine tasting packages for your donors based on budgets and fundraising goals. All wines are world-class and sourced from small production wineries.

Promote to your donors

Notify your donors of the fundraising event and  encourage them to place their orders. Orders can be managed through a custom landing page on and/or through your own channels.

Collect your  funds

For every shipment you sell we reward you on a percentage of the sale (or charge you a discounted rate on the wine tasting packages). This generally falls between 15 and 25 percent depending on the winery. Payment is sent to you directly at the end of the event at the end of the month.

Wineries fulfill the shipments

The winery/s you choose, ships the wine out to your donors. We can work individually to collect donors’ shipping information or you can pass everything to us in bulk for fulfillment.

Pick a date

You can choose the fundraising window and you or your donors can decide on the virtual tasting times. Generally tasting will need to be scheduled 5-14 days after wine shipments to ensure customers have the wine in time for the virtual tasting.

The wine virtual tasting experience

Our wineries deliver the virtual wine tasting instructions directly to the customers. Then they can log on and learn about the wines in their shipments. Virtual tastings are lead by the winemakers or owners who talk about what makes their wine so special. They also give donors the ability to ask questions and interact throughout the tasting.

Your wine fundraiser also support the producers

As we mentioned the wineries we selected are family owned and small-production wineries. This means that much of their revenue comes from direct to consumer sales. Unlike the big recognized wine brands that have retail sales, our producers rely on your business to stay afloat. This gives an even higher value proposition to potential donors.

Get started with your virtual wine tasting experience!

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