Carol Shelton Wines

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Carol Shelton Wines
Phone: 707-575-3441
Hours: Daily 11am – 4pm
Appointments required on weekends due to limited space and staffing.

Carol Shelton Wines is a winery with a unique story. Carol’s journey into winemaking began at a young age, inspired by her remarkable sense of smell and a passion for the art of identifying scents. She started her formal education in Fermentation Science at UC Davis, eventually making her mark in the wine industry with her innovative research on yeast strains and their impact on wine flavors.

Despite early challenges, Carol persevered, gaining experience and knowledge while working with renowned winemakers. In 2000, she founded her own winery, Carol Shelton Wines, driven by her unwavering dedication to crafting exceptional wines. The winery’s focus on Zinfandel, a versatile and expressive grape variety, has resulted in a diverse range of wines with whimsical names that reflect Carol’s playful spirit.

Today, Carol Shelton is recognized as an iconic woman winemaker, with numerous awards and accolades, including Winemaker of the Year and a place among the Pioneer Women Winemakers of Sonoma County. Her passion for winemaking remains strong, and she continues to create outstanding wines that tell the unique stories of California’s exceptional vineyards. Explore our selection and be a part of the Carol Shelton Wines journey, where the best is yet to come.

Our Wines

The setting for Carol Shelton Wines may not be what wine tasters envision when planning a visit to wine country. But Zin and fine wine lovers stepping into our homey, unpretentious tasting room will find a dream come true.

After tasting through luscious award-winning wines including; Rose, White Rhone, Red Rhone and single-vineyard designate Zinfandels, finishing with our magical Late Harvest; our locale—an industrial section of Santa Rosa—becomes immaterial.


  • 2 for 1 Tastings

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