Blue Mule Winery

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Blue Mule Winery
Phone: (713) 226-9344
Hours: Wednesday Noon- 6:00pm
Thursday Noon – 6:00pm
Friday Noon – 7:00pm
Saturday Noon – 7:00pm
Sunday Noon-6:00pm

We started out, like most, making homemade wine in five gallon carboys. We still joke about how the bathtub was stained purple from crushing grapes! We liked the challenge of making several different wines from locally grown grapes and fruit that people would enjoy. At one point we had eighty gallons fermenting in sixteen carboys! It was time to take the show on the road, and for three years prior to opening Blue Mule Winery, we made wine for another local winery. Ashley convinced me that it was time to leave and start our own winery and promised that if I made it she would sell it! So here we are growing, picking, crushing, pressing, fermenting, ageing and bottling all by hand….did I mention tasting?

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