Oswald Vineyard

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Oswald Vineyard
Offer Details: Our tastings include samplings of our estate wine currently in stock, ranging from 5-6 different wines including a cheese and cracker plate. Our tasting room is located at our vineyard in the barn where we make all of our wines and offer an educational and fun experience.
Phone: 806-686-4738

Oswald Vineyard, established in 2008 by John and Dina-Marie Oswald and their 10 children (though not all involved in the business), stands as a testament to the family’s journey into the world of grape farming. John, a former chemist with a Swiss-owned chemical company, decided to transition from corporate life to pursue a family-oriented venture upon returning to the United States.

The Oswalds’ introduction to the farming lifestyle occurred during a vacation to west Texas, where their fascination with grape cultivation ignited. This unexpected shift marked the beginning of a significant lifestyle change, guided by mysterious forces at play.

In 2008, the family uprooted from Alabama to the high plains of Texas, embarking on their grape farming venture. Starting with 5 acres of grape vines in the Spring of 2008, Oswald Vineyard has expanded to encompass an impressive 37 ⅓ acres. The vineyard cultivates various grape varieties, including the French white variety Roussanne, Italian reds Montepulciano and Aglianico, as well as Petit Verdot, Muscat Giallo, and Albarino.

Transitioning from the corporate security of John’s 20-year career as a chemist has been a formidable challenge. The Oswalds funded their vineyard dream by leveraging savings, cashing in their retirement fund, and even taking on a paper route to make ends meet. Despite the hardships, the rewards have been immeasurable, fostering a strong work ethic and nurturing familial bonds through shared dedication.

The vineyard has become a family affair, with four adult children actively participating in its operations. The remaining three children at home are also gearing up to embrace the vineyard as their future career and lifestyle. The Oswalds find profound joy in the honest, hard work of cultivating grapes, savoring the fulfillment that comes from pursuing one’s passion alongside loved ones.

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